Eliot Michaelson

I am a Lecturer in the Department of Philosophy at King's College London. My research centers on the philosophy of language, though I also occasionally dabble elsewhere in philosophy. I am particularly interested in how we use language to do things with each other—to coordinate our actions, to express ourselves, to lie to and deceive each other—and how attending to the varied things we do with language might help to illuminate the relationship between language and thought.

Before joining King's, I was a Mellon Postdoctoral Scholar at McGill University. Previous to that, I wrote my my Ph.D. at UCLA under the supervision of David Kaplan and Sam Cumming. My dissertation focused on what terms like names and pronouns mean, or refer to, in context.

Sometimes, I try to do non-academic philosophy. I recently made a series of short videos on philosophy with the actor James Franco, which can be found here. I've also written a few posts on the ethical issues surrounding vegetarianism for my friend Joshua Katcher's blog. Those can be found here.